Our Team

Here is a list of individuals that will walk you through your journey with us. Their goal is to give you the best experience, and you will have to work closely with all of them.

Your Consultant

The publishing consultant is your first person of contact at Eleviv publishing. This individual’s goal is to help understand your publishing goals and, in turn, help you decide what option best suits that goal

Manuscript Review Specialist:

The review specialist reviews your manuscript and decides whether your book is a great fit for Eleviv. They also conduct marketing analysis on the marketability of your book.

Financial Support Manager

This individual provides all payment-related support to you, making sure your royalties are paid on time.

This individual’s primary responsibility is ensuring that you understand the legal details in the contract before signing all the terms and conditions in the agreement

Project Coordinator

Sets timelines for the project and ensures that your book is ready on schedule. This individual also makes sure that all the required information on your manuscript is prepared for publication.

Marketing Consultant

Contact our marketing department for all your marketing needs. They are in charge of promoting your work and helping you increase sales of your book.

Editorial Consultant

Our Editorial team helps with editing and making sure our books are void of errors.

Content Developer

This individual helps with writing assist, ghostwriting, story or content development, and assessment.


We can encode and help you type or transcript your online content, audio, video, or handwritten content into a book.

Graphic Artist And Illustrator

Our Graphic department takes care of everything from your cover design, book layout, and illustration for all our books.

Publishing Officer

This is your contact person for all your publishing questions and distribution questions

Customer Service Representative

Have any questions? Need Help with your books, orders, publishing? Chat with them directly via our website or email them.