Our Processes

Now that you are here let us walk you through our publication process.

Getting Started

To start your publishing journey with us, read the process below: 

Discover your Fit
  • Explore our genres to see where your manuscript aligns. At Eleviv, we cherish a wide spectrum of narratives, from the intricate weaves of Literary Fiction to the imaginative realms of Fantasy, and the heartfelt connections of Romance, among others. Ensure your work resonates with our curated list.
Prepare Your Manuscript

Polish your manuscript to reflect your best work. A well-edited, formatted, and presented manuscript speaks volumes of your dedication. Check our Submission Guidelines for detailed instructions on formatting and what to include in your submission package.

Submit Your Work

Once your manuscript is ready and meets our guidelines, submit it, or email a request to include a synopsis, a brief author bio, and any other materials specified in our guidelines. Your submission is the first step in our collaborative journey.

Review and Response

Our editorial team will thoughtfully review your submission. We appreciate your patience during this period, as we dedicate the necessary time to consider each manuscript’s potential. You will receive a response from us, regardless of the outcome.

Partnership and Publication

For manuscripts that ignite our interest, we’ll reach out to discuss the next steps. This includes a potential offer, discussing the vision for your book, and outlining the roadmap to publication. Our partnership model ensures you are supported through each phase, from editing and design to marketing and distribution.

What are you waiting for? Send in that manuscript right now